FAQ's for Consumers

What sets a Vala Leotard apart?
Vala leotards have a secret. The secret is found in the full front liner. This is a soft liner with built in shaping that smoothes, supports and shapes. There is no need to wear a separate liner garment, nipple concealer nor in most cases a bra.

Is the Vala shaper like the hard cups I find in swimwear?
No. The Vala shaping is subtly molded into a thin & soft (but sturdy!) liner. There are neither under wires nor elastic bands to chafe, show or ride up.

Do I need to order Vala Leotards according to my bra size?
No. The Vala liners are one size. We have tested our garments from an A to an E cup!

Will I need to wear a bra?
We can safely say that there is no need for a separate liner but support needs differ. The consensus among testers is that, “This is WAY better than a shelf bra!”

What about the Vala fit?
Vala Dancewear is developed to fit and to feel comfortable. Vala Dancewear was created on the human form for a 3-dimensional shape that works. Vala relies on extensive testing on and feedback from dancers. Our “testing” models include dancers from the beginner to the professional.

What makes Vala a quality garment?
Vala Dancewear is built from the highest quality fabrics. Our power of glamour line of leotards feature Supplex® for the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Supplex fabrics are fully breathable, hold their shape, dry fast and are colorfast. Our Body Care Quick Dry® Liner keeps you dry and comfortable with is fast evaporation and moisture wicking properties. We manufacture here in the USA where we can closely monitor the fabrication and workmanship that go into our garments.

What is the Vala style?
Vala garments flatter the body and are designed with inspiration from the classics as well as from current fashion. Our carefully designed leg cut creates an elongating line in front with full coverage in the back. Our leg opening is cut & elasticized to stay in place—a plus for comfort and style.

Why does Vala Dancewear cost more?
The features of Vala wear that set it apart also affect the cost. Our prices are affected by:

  1. The quality of our materials--from the main fabric--to the liner--to the elastic—is the best we can find.
  2. The creation of our front liners involves several extra steps in the manufacturing process. This affects the price, but not as much as buying separate liners.
  3. Our styles are more difficult to fabricate. That is why you won’t see them elsewhere.
  4. All of our garments are made in the U.S.A.